From: COH - Broadcast Message
Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 6:42 AM
To: COH - All Employees
Subject: FW: New Hurricane Ike assistance programs

Importance: High


Important Hurricane Ike assistance information:


1. Employees who meet income requirements and live in Harris County may be eligible for a six-month, no-interest loan to repair their Ike-damaged roofs through the Department of Housing & Community Development's Roof Repair Program.

    1. Apply for the program by calling 713-522-4663 during normal business hours. An HCD employee will take your information and submit your application.
    2. To be accepted, your family of four must have a yearly total income of less than $67,238 per year. If you live alone, the limit is $47,094. For families with two members, it's $53,763. For families with three members, it's $60,500. These limits were raised to accommodate city employees.
    3. If you are accepted, a housing inspector will inspect your house with a qualified, participating roofer. The roofer will write the cost of repairs on a promissory note.
    4. You sign the promissory note, agreeing to repay the city for the cost of the repairs. The note says you will repay the cost of repairs to the city within 180 days, at 0% interest, with no collateral required.
    5. Your roof will be repaired/replaced within one week, weather permitting.The work and materials are covered by warranty. HCD will pay the roofing contractor and the homeowner will repay the city of Houston. You use your FEMA financial assistance, other Ike-related assistance money, or other financial resources to repay the city.

2. FEMA and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development are offering rental assistance for qualified residents who were displaced by Hurricane Ike.

3. On Thursday, Oct. 23, the Blue Roof Program will end. If you need a temporary roof to prevent further weather damage to your home, you may complete the form in the HR Benefits section on the 4th floor of 611 Walker. You can call 713-837-9400 for more information.