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I have 10 years experience writing feature stories, many of them for employee newsletters. I bring a feature story style to my newsletter articles, looking for a human element to build the story around and avoiding talking down to employees. I reach out to my audience, suck them in, and make them read the story. That encourages them to come back for more messages – or more entertaining stories, as they see it. Articles are simple, concise and written at a basic level, so all employees can comprehend them. Of course, the point of the articles is to get across an important idea, and your purpose will be thoroughly, clearly and simply driven home.

Issue samples

City Savvy fall 2005

City Savvy spring 2008

Benefits Pulse winter 2012

Benefits Pulse fall 2009

Article samples

How do you spell relief? H-O-U-S-T-O-N

Wellness champions take charge of their health

City remembers 9/11

HPD cadet learning to protect and serve

Where do dead dogs go? Green knows

Two new systems ram information roadblocks

Working today can ea$e your tomorrow

G is for Gotcha, a city detective story

Free, routine exams can stave off illnesses

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